The difference and advantages of casting and forging wheels

The wheel is also called the rim. The most common way to upgrade car wheels is switch to aluminum alloy wheels, or to improve the performance of the car with larger size wheels,performance and appearance is wheels focus on,but  from a production process point of view to analyze alloy wheels. Do you really know how to choose the wheels that works best for your car?

Different processes of different nature
There are several different processes of factory used to produce alloy wheels, each offering its own unique pros and cons. The most popular process of wheel production are: gravity casting, low pressure casting, Flow-forming,and forging.Below you will find an explanation of each process, so you can better judge for yourself which type of wheels would best suit your car.Although many people confuse “light weight” and “performance”, the main strength for a performance wheel is the proper “Stiffness-to-Weight Ratio”. Many companies will tout how “light” their “Performance” wheel is,and consequently, many only look at the “weight” and not consider the stiffness, load ratings or durability aspects needed to create a proper high-performance wheel.