Rayone banner

The once deafening clamor is now silenced into a single voice “Rayone”. On the rubble of the old times, he began to build an unprecedented grand dream, we not only want to become China’s brand but also to become the world’s brand, I still remember the first fire on the wind swaying furnace on December 5, 2014, after the spring went to autumn and come again not extinguished nor rest. The past seven years Rayone wheel in the tide rises and falls waiting for hard workers to unload, in the blazing summer sun dazzling and competition, in the leisurely and elegant bright and wide courtyard, maple trees adorned with red leaves fall at its feet.Through unremitting efforts, our customers have spread across the seven continents of the world. The once unbeatable Charles V Holy Roman Emperor (Charles I of Spain), who declared “in my realm the sun never sets.” now we can also proudly say: “Where is a car, where is Rayone ”


Post time: Jul-29-2021